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- Final Random Inspection(FRI)

FRI (also referred to pre-shipment inspection) is a very effective and widely adopted quality control method. This inspection is generally performed when 100% of the goods are complete, and at least 80% packed. Random samples are drawn according to the international AQL standards to examine if the whole shipment is acceptable.

The sampling standard we adopt is ANSI/ASQC Z 1.4-2003 (Equivalent to ISO 2859-1 or MIL-STD-105E).

Our inspectors will check the product conformity, workmanship, measurements, function testing, labeling, markings and packaging, and custom quality points required by the customers.

- During Production Inspection(DUPRO)

DUPRO is an inspection designed to assess the average product quality level and detect possible quality issues at an early stage. If non-conformity is discovered, it allows for quick corrective action from the factory, and for retro-fitting of the production.

DUPRO is performed when 20% - 80% goods are ready. The AQL random sampling inspection standards and methods are the same as FRI.

- Loading Supervision(LS)

This service ensures your supplier/factory will load the correct products into containers. Our inspectors will:

  • Inspect the container condition (suitability and cleanliness)
  • Confirm the products conform to the purchase order
  • Confirm the correct quantity will be loaded in containers
  • Record any damage detected during the loading process
  • Make pictures of the container loading
  • Witness the container sealing with shipping line seal or/and with inspection company seal, immediately on completion of loading

- Initial Production Check(IPC)

IPC inspections are designed to check the raw materials and components at the beginning of production. This type of inspection is valuable in that it gives clarity on the quality of materials used in assembly.

- Production Monitoring(PM)

For challenging or high-risk orders, it is recommended to have an inspector at the factory throughout production. We will monitor your order daily and report back the production status as well as product quality issues. Therefore, you can identify and direct the factory to fix possible production problems before they arise.

Essentially this is an ongoing DUPRO inspection, with daily output and quality level reporting.

- Product Sampling(SAMPLE)

This service allows our inspector to visit the factory during production and draw random samples. This ensures that real production samples out of the bulk production are drawn and sealed. Our inspectors then can have the sealed samples sent to you, or to laboratory for testing purposes.

This is a very safe service to ensure that samples are not “doctored”, and that true production samples are drawn and sealed.


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